Welcome to 100 Realty Royalty where we help people acquire a home when the banks say no!


With Foreclosures as high as they are, job losses becoming more frequent, and the resulting damage to personal credit off the charts, there are more people than ever who have damaged credit that still need and want a home of their own.

No matter what your reason, if you are unable to qualify for a loan we can help you buy a house at today's price without hassle and without needing bank financing.

How We Can Help:

We are real estate investors that specialize in creating win-win situations for sellers and buyers. When we sell on 'terms' and don't require the buyer to get bank financing, we create an opportunity for people who are unable... a rare opportunity. If you want to buy a house of your own, at today's low pricing, you're in the right place.

Be sure to click the 'Get Started Now' link, and fill out the form. That will give us the info we need to get started. You may consider some of the info we request to be somewhat private. Please rest assured that every communication is kept strictly confidential, and we only ask for info that is necessary for us to determine the best way for us to help you.

(P.S. After submitting your info PLEASE DO check your spam folder if you do not see your e-mail within a few minutes, thanks!)



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